Why Nicotine Pouches Are Booming in Popularity

Nicotine pouches are taking the world by storm, and their steady market growth is proof of that. In 2022, the market size of nicotine pouches was valued at $1.60 billion and is expected to reach $26.80 billion by 2032, according to a Polaris Market Research report. These small and discreet sacs are viable alternatives to cigarettes and vapes, as they do not contain tobacco and other harmful substances that can pose major health concerns. Nicotine pouches also have a range of flavors that can make them appealing to those who smoke, especially those who frequently use e-cigarettes that contain flavored juices. 

Since their emergence in the US market in 2016, nicotine pouches have enjoyed steady growth and momentum, enabling those who wish to quit cigarettes to access smokeless alternatives. Aside from the increasing awareness of the dangers of cigarettes, other factors can also contribute to the appeal of these pouches. Below, we take a look at why nicotine pouches are booming in popularity.

The growing accessibility of popular brands

Nicotine pouches are highly accessible and available in brick-and-mortar stores and online distribution channels. ZYN pouches, one of the top-selling nicotine pouch brands, shipped nearly 385 million cans of nicotine pouches in the US last year, marking a 62% year-over-year increase. These pouches are available in flavors like mint and citrus, come in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths, and are purified through high-tech distillation processes for guaranteed quality.

Other brands, such as VELO pouches, also offer appealing flavors, including coffee and wintergreen, and come in 2mg to 7mg nicotine strengths. In 2021, VELO partnered with McLaren Racing to launch engaging esports content to tap wider audiences. With brands expanding and reaching broader demographics through wider distribution and marketing, it’s no surprise that nicotine pouches are gaining popularity. 

Marketing strategies 

A Tobacco Prevention and Cessation study notes that nicotine pouches are promoted via several channels, such as social media. These pouches are often marketed as “tobacco-free” and a more convenient and discreet alternative to cigarettes and vapes. The broad range of flavors, from fruits and coffee to cinnamon, also contributes to attracting potential customers. The same research found that these marketing strategies affect consumer perceptions, resulting in young adults having a more positive attitude towards nicotine pouches compared with cigarettes and vapes. 

The study also mentioned that radio and television channels broadcast a great number of advertisements for nicotine pouches, and advertising via digital media has also become a key strategy due to its reach and capability to influence purchase decisions. Marketing through these various channels has increased consumer awareness of nicotine pouches, potentially contributing to more purchases that lead to market growth.

Increasing awareness of smoking dangers

Smoking is known to cause major health concerns like lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, prompting many smokers to quit. In 2018, 61.7% of US adult smokers who have ever smoked had quit, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nicotine pouches have thus become a viable smoking cessation tool. Since pouches come in various nicotine strengths, smokers can gradually lower the dosage until they’re able to quit entirely. As more smokers seek to quit for their health, nicotine pouches – which are marketed as a less harmful, tobacco-free alternative – have become a popular option for achieving smoking cessation success.

Nicotine pouches have steadily gained success in the past few years since they were introduced to the market. Due to the growing accessibility of popular brands, effective marketing strategies, and the need to find a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, these pouches have become a popular choice among those looking to quit smoking. For more lifestyle articles, visit the JustLuxe website.]

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