Why Shoes Are The Most Important Accessory For Women

Most women regard their shoes as some of the most important items in their entire wardrobe, and for good reason. No matter what outfit a woman is wearing, if she isn't happy with her shoes, she isn't going to be contented. Whether we're talking about a pair of tennis shoes, a cute pair of sandals or a sexy, strappy set of high heels, the right shoes can truly pull an entire outfit together, and any fashion-forward woman knows this.

Let's take a look at a few examples of the importance of footwear in fashion. Perhaps the best example of how essential the right shoes are to finishing a look can be seen in the way they help the little black dress. A classic style staple every woman should have in her closet, the LBD depends on a great shoe to put the final polish on this simple, yet elegant selection. For a bold statement, a red peep-toe pump with a five-inch heel might do the trick. A flesh-toned patent leather closed-toe with a three-inch heel works wonders for women looking to give the illusion of longer legs. Not in the mood for heels at all? A black, sequined ballet flat may perfect the little black dress look without bringing the pain. The possibilities are nearly endless. The dress remains the same; yet a change of shoes can completely alter the final look, time and time again.

Besides getting dolled up for a night out, shoes complete every outfit worn for every occasion. To the office, a woman wants to bring a sense of professionalism, with a hint of femininity. Even in a stuffy suit, a sharp pair of kitten heels can liven up the look. After work, a woman may want to hit the gym; another change of shoes! The right sneakers or running shoes can make or break a girl's work out, and it pays to invest in a solid pair that fit well and still look good. 

Women’s shoes don't have to be expensive either. However, when a good pair of shoes stretches the budget a bit, this is all the more reason to take care of them. Keeping shoes in their boxes, or giving them boxes if they didn't come with one, can add years of life to a shoe collection. Women may be tempted to display their prized shoe collection out in the open on racks or shelves in their closets; this is fine if these closets are uncluttered, pet-free, dusted often, and well organised. Otherwise, and more importantly for expensive or delicate pairs, boxes are the way to go.

Some women love shopping for shoes, while others loathe the process. However, almost every woman can appreciate finally finding that perfect pair. Remembering to break in new shoes can spare women the pain that can come with falling in love with a pair of shoes. Even just wearing new shoes for a few hours around the house once or twice can significantly reduce the pain of breaking them in at an event or party!


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