Emma Stone and More Talk Louis Vuitton at Glamour Magazine Party

On Monday night, Glamour Magazine hosted an intimate dinner and cocktail party for a few of Hollywood's fashion savvy leading ladies, including Freida Pinto, Emma Stone and Ashley Greene, at the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

As guests of honor, the actresses were outfitted in head-to-toe designer wear, looking chic, sophisticated and boldly confident. From adorable rompers to seductive stilettos with ornate embellishments, the designer clothes and accessories worn by the stars were anything but ordinary.

Despite having a long history in fashion, the resilient luxury brand proved last night that it is, in fact, more modern and youthful than ever; attracting adoring celebrity fans season after season. JustLuxe's Jennifer Chan made the rounds at the star-studded soiree and asked these influential fashion plates to sound off on what makes Louis Vuitton so spectacular:

Freida Pinto (in a wool boucle romper with patent leather Peter Pan collar): I think Louis Vuitton is very classic! They have the iconic monograms that never go out of style and no one else can compare. Their trunks are the most fabulous trunks in the whole wide world! One day very soon I’m going to own one! They don’t try to change it up — they know who they are and it’s truly amazing.

Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief, Glamour (in a black pleated frock): In Louis Vuitton, you never feel like a fashion victim. You always feel classic, fantastic and just a little bit French! There’s a youthfulness to Vuitton. Particularly right now, you always feel like you’re wearing something that’s one-of-a-kind, and pushing fashion forward in some way.

Emma Roberts (in a leather motorcycle jacket and silk printed dress): I love that it can be very young or sophisticated. I’m obsessed with their shoes right now. Mine have zebras on them, they’re so gorgeous. My first piece of Louis Vuitton was a piece of the luggage — a duffel carry-on bag I got as a gift. I still carry it everywhere, I love it!

Jessica Chastain (in a flirty halter top and metallic tweed pencil skirt): Louis Vuitton makes me feel very sexy! It makes me feel youthful and playful and a little mischievous. The colors make me feel like I want to stay out all night. The first piece of LV I owned was a bag...I think it was the mini pouchette with monograms. That was a very big purchase for me!

[On her fringed beaded heels] I’m freaking out about these shoes. They’re so comfortable! Going up and down stairs...I feel playful. It’s like a party on my feet. I keep wiggling my heel to get the tassel to swing back and forth.

Emma Stone (in a plunging v-neck chiffon dress with sequined bodice): I think the brand is fun and whimsical and very sexy. I still don’t think I can afford Louis Vuitton myself yet, but I just got to see their show in Paris and the theme was 'fetish.' I loved it! How sexy is that? Maybe that says something about me...?















Jennifer Chan

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