Scarves by Lupetta Enter High-End Accessories Market

Photo Courtesy of Lupetta

Being able to watch a luxury fashion brand rise to prominence and to know in advance about it forthcoming makes my job very interesting at times. It is a special day, at the office, when there is information to report on a new luxury label that possesses such potential. A Milan-based maker of high-end soft accessories, Lupetta, could be a contender for such recognition.

Made in Italy, these willowy cashmere scarves are made at the same facility that produces similar items for three of the world's most recognized labels, according to Greta Bonvini, the founder and creative director at Lupetta. What is even more significant is that the materials used in the scarves from the fledgling brand compare well next to scarves that sell for as much as $2,000.

"Some of our scarves defy gravity," said Ms. Bonvini. "I work with one of the best factories in Europe. I utilize the most expensive materials, which makes my scarves feel cloud-like; the cashmere is so fine that it needs to be seen and touched for it to be truly understood."

Greta Bonvini is aware that it takes time for a product, even one made of the finest materials, to secure its position in this very exclusive, high-end market. It is a waiting game of sorts, as buyers and consumers of products in this price range proceed slowly in accepting newcomers.

Instead of trying to rush the process, the entrepreneurial designer plans to keep quality high and prices affordable in a strategy that she is confident will lead to the ultimate success of Lupetta scarves. All items in the new line are priced between $600 and $1,000.

"I am focusing my message more and more on my 'Made in Italy' vision. I have been told many times that my scarves are truly special. I do believe that the market will find me," said Bonvini.

In the spirit of the "Greta good" movement, I am looking forward to writing that "you heard it here first!" follow-up piece.

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