Celebrating 20 Years of Sexy Shoes
Exclusive Interview with Christian Louboutin

The designer shoe legend himself, Christian Louboutin, graced Los Angeles with his presence last week to debut a stunning new book (blush pink leather-wrapped and bursting with gorgeous imagery to the tune of $150) at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.

Well-heeled beauties including Lucy Liu, Rachel Zoe, Lea Michele, Dita von Teese, Monet Mazur and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turned out to toast the famed footwear genius and celebrate the luxury brand’s 20th anniversary. As JustLuxe’s senior fashion and beauty correspondent, I was amongst the crowd and nabbed a few minutes with the man of the hour for a quickie interview. Check out our cheeky chat below:

How does it feel to be celebrating 20 years of red-soled success and the launch of a beautiful new book for your brand?

Christian Louboutin: It feels good. If I had known life would be anything like this 20 years ago, maybe things would be different, but I had no idea. I would have never guessed I would be where I am now.

Your brand is the definition of a luxury shoe brand and is also a household name now. How did you pave your path to this point?

CL: When you do something you love, you have a passion for it. It comes naturally. Staying true to yourself and doing what you love keeps you going...everything else falls into place. I am quite lucky!

What keeps you inspired?

CL: Life. Women...and my enthusiasm for both!

When is a woman sexiest?

CL: In bed.

What is one pair of shoes every woman should own?

CL: Something that looks invisible. A nude shoe that goes perfectly with the color of her skin — a high heel of course. Something that keeps her looking completely naked.

What’s next for you?

CL: A lot! Traveling, I have to go to Brazil and then all over the world.

What is your greatest luxury?

CL: Freedom.

Jennifer Chan

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