Spring and Summer 2012
The New Porsche Design Fashion Collection

I have written about the Porsche Design Studio before, both for JustLuxe and for Luxist. They are the group who designed the million dollar Advent Calendar last year, a briefcase for both those who are and are not intimidated by precise organization, and a Shisha Pipe, an elegantly designed water pipe, created for those who smoke in public and private.

The Porsche Design Studio is NOTHING if not unique in its creation of product ideas for affluent world markets. In addition to the significantly unusual, their product portfolio includes some more common items like watches, sunglasses, luggage, electronic products and a men's fragrance line. All the products are designed in the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See in Austria.

A few days ago, the Porsche Design Studio announced its Men's and Women's Fashion Collection for Spring and Summer 2012. For the women’s collection, color is a new element. The dominant colors are sulphur and raspberry. The product range has also been considerably extended, including not only leather jackets and premium jeans but also silk scarves and silk blouses.

A first for Summer 2012 is the short, light weight P’1150 AirTec trench coat for women, a creation in Nappa leather, available in white and black. Thanks to the use of full-grain leather with Nappa finish on the inside, these leather jackets need no lining, allowing for lighter feel for summer.

This cooler advantage lies, in part, in the avoidance of doubling the leather material. The leather is laid seam on seam, stitched with a zig zag finish, and then welded with a tape, creating a unique lightness. The new Summer Collection also has the P'1140 RawTec Blazer, as well as the leather coat-skirt combination, the P'1150 RawTec Coat, and the leather P'1150 Hoody, in the new raspberry tone.

The Men's Fashion Collection for Spring/Summer2012 highlights the P’1160 Roadster Blouson, or the biker leather jacket. Also, the collection includes the matching summer variant, the P’1160 AirTec Blouson. Both this and the RawTec (leather jacket) line use full-grain lambskin leather, with Nappa finish on the inside. Again, the inside finish, as with the women’s jackets, need no lining and are comfortable and lightweight in the summer months.

In addition to the classic P'1140 RawTec Blazer, the casual leather P'1150 Hoody is also available. The collection has also been extended and developed further in the selection of exclusive Premium Jeans and the category P’1700 Shoes.

A product that brings both the Men's and Women's Collection together are the Porsche Design Studio Exclusive Sunglasses, with the interchangeable lens component. The sunglasses were the first contribution to fashion from Porsche Design in 1977, and in the Fashion Collection. The sunglasses sketch is still found on the inner lining of jackets and bags as well as on scarves. Visit to see more.

Susan Kime

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