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Surely, an authentic Haute Couture dress made in Paris has international appeal to all us ladies in the world. Just ask successful bespoke designers Stefano Costantino Morana and Pascal Diaz de Ravaillac y Vivar of Costantino & Ravaillac, “only in Paris are you able to find such refined workshops, skills and suppliers that are necessary to the confection of a unique, one of a kind dress,” explains Morana. More importantly, a bride’s wedding dress. Based in Paris, this design duo with their talent and experiences, are making fairytale dream dress come alive.

The designers chose to focus only on wedding gowns “because it is the only time in a girl's life, where even the most modern girl has the possibility to fulfill all her dreams in terms of a gown for her fairytale wedding on a unique day,” Morana clarifies. They understand the magnitude of the saying, happy wife, happy life. And how crucial it is to be dressed for success on the significant day you enter the sanctity of marriage. Thus, why girls summon their very own fairy Godmother for the magical creation.

A swift whisk of the wand, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, and poof, you are a princess. Forever scarred by that disappointing day the revelation such an enchantress does not exist, Cinderella calls upon Costantino & Ravaillac to realize the custom gown she will wear on the day she is to marry her prince. Besides, who would want that all to disappear at midnight anyway?

I met Morana and Vivar in Paris and they too are as magnificent as their posh designs. Highly impressed with their sophisticated gowns, I describe their style as understated elegance that combines classic and modern design elements in an utmost tasteful and unique manner. They truly have the most impeccable sensibility for these elegant dresses made with exquisite fabrics and hand-sewn details. The brand is authenticated by the official Haute Couture certification earned from the French federation governing the fashion industry and use of the term.

The average Costantino & Ravaillac wedding dress takes a minimum of two months to complete and start at about $11,000, however more often reach far into the ten’s of thousands of dollars. “It is the ultimate luxury, for the person who can afford it,” Morana admits. This is why the majority of their clients travel to Paris from far off lands such as China, Australia, and the U.S. to “experience a unique piece of the French ‘savoir faire’ in Haute Couture.” The price justified in the personalized service and quality of the product; “we only produce one-of-a-kind dresses, since we're not interested in mass production style. We only use the best Italian and French silks. All our laces comes from Chantilly and Calais Lace,” Morana proudly declares of his regal fashion. “The overall spirit of the Costantino & Ravaillac brand is poetic and oneiric.”

"Our clients are wealthy, young brides-to-be who are more than happy to travel to Paris,” states Vivar. A recent memorable client, Alina Cherkasova, married Russian wine entrepreneur Maxim Kashirin in their chateau in the Bordeaux Valley of France. The socialite couple “are an example of the typical young, successful, rich and beautiful generation in Russia,” Vivar describes.

The designers have built the most polished reputation locally as well. “We’ve just finished all the dresses for a huge wedding of the daughter of Alain Dominique Perrin, Executive Director of The Richemont Group,” Morana states of the high profile affair. “Also recently dressed French actress Raphaelle Agougé for her wedding.”

One impressive client story they shared with me was of the daughter of an Ambassador from Saudi Arabia. She had asked to meet with Morana and Vivar to take a look at some of her jewels she was interested in wearing with the wedding dress they were designing for her. She wanted their professional opinion if she should wear the certain lavish jewels. Upon her arrival for the meeting in Paris, she was accompanied by “ten armed guards in two Brink’s (Armored) trucks that shut down the street at both ends” for the security of her and the jewels.

Morana and Vivar explain “the uniqueness of our collections lies on the fact that we don't dissociate the wedding gown from the evolution of fashion itself.” Their evolution in fashion began at the most prestigious Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute couture. After such education, they have worked for the illustrious YSL, Oscar de la Renta, Balmain, Christian Lacroix and Lolita Lempicka. With these design experiences in the top fashion houses, Costantino & Ravaillac’s creations are as superior as you would expect them to be. Visit to learn more.

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