InAisce's Luxury Menswear is a Blend of Past and Future

Taking one look at InAisce’s new product line of men's clothing, one might ask what period of time are these people from, the past or the future? The answer: a blend of both. The New York based luxury brand InAisce, prides itself on not being limited to mainstream modern convention with its old Eastern World look, yet at the same time, features a post-modern style to those that can share its futuristic vision.

Joseph Vasquez

Joseph is a graduate of University California State San Marcos . He loves to travel, and has visited large foreign cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Guadalajara. As a writer,in his spare time Joseph has had his poetry and short stories selected for publication in various newsletters on He has also written film reviews, and has covered the San Diego Chargers on TP...(Read More)

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