InAisce's Luxury Menswear is a Blend of Past and Future

InAisce Menswear

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Taking one look at InAisce’s new product line of men's clothing, one might ask what period of time are these people from, the past or the future? The answer: a blend of both. The New York based luxury brand InAisce, prides itself on not being limited to mainstream modern convention with its old Eastern World look, yet at the same time, features a post-modern style to those that can share its futuristic vision.
InAisce, combines Japanese-inspired garb with a touch of New York modernity, all while maintaining a high fashion sensibility. InAisce’s creator who goes by the single name “Jona” attributes his sense of architectural style to his natural surroundings in Japan, Colorado, Indonesia, and Taiwan.
Earthly tones and a predominantly Japanese-based foundation for its design pervade the fashion label. “ I fell in love,” Jona said, referring to the feeling he derived from living in Japan. Jona then worked for the brand Julius, and after the label's CEO, Tatsuro Horikawa recommended that he start his own business, Jona went on to create his own collection for InAisce.
His love for Japan wasn't Jona's only motivation behind the label. For the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Jona summoned inspiration from the lowliest of places: homelessness. In the collection titled “An Aeon Drifting,” Jona created a design specifically related to what it feels like to be without a house and on the streets. One can only imagine the sadness that followed, and afterwards, nothing short of designer brilliance.
Except for the shoes, all of InAisce’s creative design takes place in New York so that Jona can oversee all the detail. With his keen eye for fashion intricacy, Jona has been a success not for producing glamorous runway shows, but instead for micromanaging a small business bent on providing quality products rooted in a solid foundation. Even women are becoming fans of the predominantly male-targeted brand, so much so that InAisce has released several items of women’s designer clothing each season to accommodate for the growing demand.

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