Sneak Peek at the Emmys Green Room by Derek Lam and Audi

Derek Lam Emmys Green Room by Audi

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for Audi
Before the red carpet is rolled out for the Primetime Emmy Awards this weekend, I was able to get an exclusive sneak peek at the posh Green Room that was created by luxury designer Derek Lam and sponsored by Audi. While this is the second year that the luxury automotive company has sponsored the Emmys, a collaboration of this kind is a first for both brands. Wrapped in a shimmering silver curtain, the Audi Green Room gave off a polished, elegant vibe from the exterior; and opened up to a relaxing, warm space filled with eccentric modern furniture, stunning wooden fixtures and fresh orchids creating a truly unique and stylish setting. Structured angular furniture juxtaposed plush rounded sofas, while soft lighting and an overall neutral color palette kept the room understated and inviting. 

I caught up with Lam to get the side scoop on exactly how he ingeniously added comfortable edge to the look and feel of the luxurious backstage lounge area. Derek Lam Emmys Green Room by Audi
JustLuxe: From the looks of things, the collaboration between Audi and your brand appears very compatible. How did it all come together?
Derek Lam: This project is different from what I'm used to. It was very unique and interesting from the start and when I started thinking about Audi and got to know the brand, I grew to love the integrity of the brand and how it's actually about design. It seemed like a wonderful match, and we're both doing something very out of the box. Its not about fashion or cars—: it's the Audi Green Room for the Emmys! It's a glamorous moment for us both.

JL: All eyes are definitely on you both right now, as we approach this Sunday's main event. Why did you think Audi would be a smart brand to partner with? 
DL: I think more than anything, Audi is such a design-driven company. It's not retro, or preoccupied with being super advanced that you lose the art of it all. Audi has mastered wrapping high technology in sensuality and chicness. It's a very chic brand! Derek Lam Emmys Green Room by Audi
JL: What was your biggest challenge when designing the Audi Green Room at the Emmy Awards?
DL: There wasn't really a challenge. I feel comfortable expressing myself in all forms of design, and luckily I collaborated with a designer who has done a few of my homes, so he gets me. It was very easy to do something special and glamorous backstage that reflects my taste, but also Audi's.

JL: The room is stunning. How long did this take you?
DL: It took about three months to prepare, a lot of picking and choosing, and yes, all while preparing for New York Fashion Week! I wanted to replicate some of the aspects I have in my own home and bring in pieces from my favorite furniture designers. Overall, I wanted it to resonate with some of my favorite periods in architecture and design. We had some technical challenges in creating the environment, though. As opposed to boring white walls, we did this cool curtain effect, which turned out really well. It's supposed to feel like you're in a moving Audi car. Derek Lam Emmys Green Room by Audi
JL: Give us a re-cap of how you're feeling post-Fashion Week?
DL: I feel good. Every season I try to bring an unexpected quality to my designs to keep people intrigued and excited about the new season. I think people walked away with that!

JL: Let's switch gears for a minute— who are you rooting for at the Emmy Awards? 
DL: I'm rooting for everyone who's going to win! And the ones who don't win— I hope they don't feel so bad! Homeland is one of my favorites and Claire Danes, I think, is amazing.

JL: You clearly have an eye for design, not only in fashion, but also with interior decor, too. Would you consider expanding your brand to this arena soon?
DL: Thats definitely a possibility. It's something I've always been interested in exploring! Maybe now more so than ever. 

We can't wait to see it, Derek!

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