Tantalizing Textures Make Up Chanel Ready-to-Wear Collection

Photos Courtesy of Chanel
When it comes to fashion, luxury designer Karl Lagerfeld certainly doesn't disappoint. Sure, there are plenty of times when we simply wish he would take an extra second to think before he constructs one of his all-too-famous snarky remarks; however, when it comes to constructing a truly exquisite ensemble, Mr. Lagerfeld has an innate ability that should never be doubted.

Chanel is one particular brand that is known for its textured pieces that have the rare ability to withstand the test of time, and it is clear that Lagerfeld has remained true to this design theme with bold silhouettes in a variety of interesting materials.
The coats showcased in the label's ready-to-wear collection for fall are certainly showstoppers. Intricate details alongside the use of diverse and substantial fabrics results in looks that we can’t help but covet. Relatively loose, the coats and jackets manage to flatter the body despite their somewhat bulky silhouettes. One particular coat features a bit of a flare at the waist which leaves the wearer looking as though she is wearing a jacket and skirt combination, while another double-breasted A-shaped jacket draws attention to the upper thigh in the front and sharply drops down for a bit of a tail in the back.
While we could go on and on about this collection's strikingly lavish outerwear, there are many other garments that caught our eyes, as well. Thick winter knits in cool cream and coal black have beautifully detailed and chunky necklines. Most skirts are full and flared hitting just above the knee, and each piece is constructed with remarkable surface textures and skillful design techniques.

We know that spring is right around the corner, but this collection is so quintessentially Coco that it has us counting down the days til fall.

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