This Sports Bra Will Measure Your Biometrics & Update Your Facebook Mid-Workout


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Wearable tech, especially when it comes to fitness, tends to favor men. While options in feminine cuts, colors and styles are usually an afterthought for most brands, the latest wearable offering from Sensilk is designed specifically for women. Their Flight Tech Bra and X1 Transmitter work in conjunction to monitor your workouts, achievements and biometrics to help you reach your weight loss and health goals. Designed by a former Oracle engineer and former Ralph Lauren design director, the Sensilk smart bra integrates seamlessly in your exercise routine to give you the real-time information needed to make the most of your workout.


Founded by Donald Yang, a marathon runner and former Oracle engineer, Sensilk is designed to be one of the “most comprehensive heart rate monitoring systems on the market.” The monitor is subtle, and works quietly in the background while you go about your normal routine. There are no straps, wrist bands or other devices to lug around—all you need is your iPhone, which, let’s be honest, you already have on hand. During your workout, the X1 Transmitter will connect with the Sensilk Fitness App and provide real-time info including your heart rate, heart rate variability, heart rate recovery rate, respiratory rate, calories burned, distanced travelled and how close you are to achieving pre-set goals.


The bra itself uses a Soar Biometric Soft Sensor built directly into the fabric so it will not only be comfortable, but extremely accurate. Designed by Ashley Tyler, former Ralph Lauren design director, the bra was made not only to house the device, but to be easy to wear. Outfitted with racer-back straps, a moisture wicking fabric and breathable mesh panel, it’s comparable to any sports bra already in your closet.


And because no device is complete without social media, the app can also share your goals and accomplishments with friends and family so they can give you some positive reinforcement (or healthy competition).  It can also sync to popular fitness apps like Map My Fitness, Run Tracker and Strava. Oh, and if your boyfriend or husband is looking to jump on this wearable tech he’s going to have to wait—they’re finalizing the prototype on the Men’s Flight Tech Shirt and estimate that the first shipments won’t be available until at least mid-summer. Ladies first this time, gents. Ladies first.

The Sensilk Take Flight Tech Kit is available online and priced at $140.

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