Riccardo Tisci Brings Givenchy Runway to NYFW for the First Time

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Stuff went down this weekend at the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 show, and we’re not just talking about the two models that took a tumble on the runway. Riccardo Tisci wanted to make an impact for his first New York-based show, and opened up seats to the public so any fashion lover could enjoy the show while hobnobbing with celebs, insiders and editors. To bring in the most views possible he also had screens live streaming the event from Soho to Times Square and even NYC public transportation was covered with advertising inviting people to tune in. And with over 1200 in attendance, it was one of the largest shows at NYFW.

Givenchy SS16

The show’s September 11 date was no accident either. Tisci chose to show on the Hudson in full view of One World Trade Center as a way to dedicate the presentation to love and sharing. He invited four singers from around the world to perform traditional songs from their culture as a way of symbolically unifying the world. In addition seven global artists were brought in to perform for an hour before the show began. Songs were performed in languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi and Latin.

Givenchy SS16

In an effort to be green, recycled materials like concrete slabs, wood pallets and metal sheeting were used in the construction of the runway. Of course, it could have been these materials that caused two models to fall. The first, Pooha Mor, took a tumble down the pallet stairs and slid a good three steps, knees first, before being helped up by editors. Then Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel fell hands first onto the concrete, politely declining the help of attendees as she pulled herself back up, laughed it off and gave a little bow. She later took to Instagram to showcase her scuffed and bloody knees saying, "Thank you to whoever picked me up off the runway tonight. Left with little scratches but mostly a bruised ego."

Givenchy SS16

Tumbling models and record-breaking attendees aside, the collection was a success. The show was a beautiful way to celebrate Tisci’s tenth anniversary as artistic director of the brand, and it celebrated the best of his work with dramatic detail. This season the focus was on lace and lingerie-inspired details and was a beautiful juxtaposition to the rough runway. The entire collection played off this idea of opposites with a black and white color palette, male and female models walking the runway and balance between strength and fragility.

Givenchy SS16

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