Beauty Tips for Proper Summer Skincare

With tropical getaways, outdoor dining and summer lounging in full swing, it’s imperative to take safe measures in protecting skin from future damage. Sun exposure is the number one cause of lines and wrinkles (not to mention hyperpigmentation, sun spots and skin cancer), so be mindful of your time basking in those glorious UV rays if you’re aiming to maintain your youthful glow.

JustLuxe caught up with skincare expert and celebrity esthetician (clients include Jessica Simpson, Katie Cassidy and Demi Lovato) Renée Rouleau to bring you the very best in summer skin tips and solutions:

Wear Sunscreen Every Day
This is non-negotiable! To truly take care of your skin, you must protect it. Recent information from the UCLA skin research department indicates that 78 percent of all the sun damage incurred in a lifetime is from incidental exposure. Don’t wait until you’re playing poolside to put it on — wear it consistently and daily to yield best results and reapply often.

Walking to your car or driving in traffic exposes you to unnecessary sun damage; and remember that windshields do nothing to protect you from UV rays. Wear a moisturizer that contains a sun block with a minimum of SPF 15.

Reapply Often
People are commonly confused about which SPF number they should use. The truth is, an SPF 30 only offers four percent more protection than an SPF 15, not double. The higher the numbers (SPF 45, 50, 70 +) that percentage comes down, but you're also exposing your skin to more chemicals, which might result in a negative reaction on the skin. The key to protecting your skin in the sun is to reapply your sunscreen generously, at least every two hours. A little dab won't cut it - you need to slather it on.

Serious about your Skin? Give Your SPF a Boost
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center determined that using a lotion or serum with vitamins C and E (we like Renee Rouleau Vitamin C & E Complex) under sunscreen actually provides four times the protection of sunscreen alone. Start layering on the good stuff, ladies! Your skin will thank you later.

Eat Properly for Pretty Skin
Load up on antioxidants and you’ll be glowing from the inside out. Eat generous amounts of nutrient-rich foods like spinach, tomatoes, berries and sweet potatoes to fight off free radicals, which increases aging. When it comes to acne-prone skin, eliminate dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.) and reap the results of clear, beautiful skin! You won’t believe your eyes. Also, try Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment for stubborn cystic breakouts.

Another summer skin-saving trick? Go for a swim in the ocean! The salt water has natural purifying properties, which helps destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Your Fridge is a Skin Emporium
Red as a lobster and uncomfortable to boot? Try cold yogurt instead of aloe vera-based lotions or gels. Layering such lotions on sunburned skin actually traps heat, keeping the skin red longer. Skin must breathe to let out heat. Cold plain yogurt applied to the skin works as an anti-inflammatory and heat remover. Apply, let dry for 15 minutes, and rinse. Repeat every hour.

For skin that suffers from redness or rosacea-like symptoms, the constant heat in the summer can keep skin looking blotchy and irritated. Keep your skincare products in the refrigerator so that when you use them, they not only feel refreshing, but the cold acts as a vaso-constrictor to reduce the dilation of the capillaries and helps reduce visible redness on the spot. Try a cooling mask like Renée Rouleau Azulene Gel Mask.

Avoid Oil Spills
Although there is no miracle product to control the extra oil that you produce during summer months, there are ways to keep shine under control. Oil blotting papers are great to use during the day to actually remove the oils off the skin to give you the feel of freshly washed skin.

In a pinch? The type of paper used for toilet seat covers in public restrooms is similar to expensive oil blotting papers. Tear off a piece of this and press firmly on the skin. Voila!

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