Eyelash Extensions Go Glam With Xtreme Lashes

Love the look of fabulous, thick lashes, but intimidated by the hassle of applying convincing faux variations every time you want to amp up the glam factor? Look no further than Xtreme Lashes, a revolutionary new lash extension product that creates longer, thicker, more natural-looking lashes like you?ve never imagined!

As JustLuxe?s Sr. Fashion & Beauty Correspondent, I never leave home without lashes, so I happily obliged to road test the product and report back on my experience.

I arrived at Beauty Boutique in Studio City, California for my consultation with lash stylist extraordinaire Arlena Parker. The studio was stylish, modern and inviting. Arlena wowed me with her expertise in the lash business and I immediately felt comfortable knowing she would be in charge of my entire experience.

The founder and owner of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli, is a registered nurse so I knew safety and quality were priorities here, which isn?t always the case with lash extensions elsewhere ? and trust me, I?ve heard horror stories! Luckily for me, Arlena was personable, friendly and had natural lashes to die for, so I knew I was in good hands.

I was instructed to show up sans eye makeup, which was a struggle in and of itself. I felt a little self-conscious (I don?t feel like myself without a good swipe of eyeliner), and was concerned that without seeing my everyday made up face, she would assume I wanted a subtler lash effect. After getting to know me, thankfully, she recommended a full-on glam look ? longer and more dramatic than a typical natural look. I was totally game!

I settled back and closed my eyes for the application process. I anticipated it would take about an hour or so, and Arlena assured me it was more than okay to doze off if I wanted to while she worked away, adhering individual lashes one by one to my own lashes with a special glue. As Arlena got into a rhythm (you could tell she was a pro with a passion for this) I took a relaxing nap and quickly assured myself I could definitely get used to pampering like this on a monthly basis.

The studio was luxuriously cozy (as was the lush blanket she covered me in) and I nodded off in no time. When I woke I was surprised we were still only halfway through. By the time it was all said and done, three hours had passed and my jam-packed agenda took a nosedive for the rest of the day. Oops. On the upside, I had fantastic, fluttery lashes that were convincingly natural looking and just dramatic enough for my taste. I received compliments as soon as I stepped out of the door!

The Xtreme Lash Experience
The first 48 hours with Xtreme Lashes take some lifestyle adjustments. You can?t really shower, work out or have steam near the eye area to ensure the glue dries properly and lasts as long as possible (about three to four weeks). During this time, I became very aware of my lashes and felt super cautious cleansing my face, removing my contacts or getting near anything wet.

After all, I wanted those three hours of patience to pay off in the long run. I absolutely loved waking up and having flirty, fabulous lashes, and felt sexy and confident at the gym, even with sweat dripping off my face. Getting ready in the morning was suddenly simple and fuss-free, too ? what a terrific timesaver!

I should mention that I did have to change up my makeup routine considerably though. I?m a diehard waterproof eye makeup kind of girl, so when I found out I couldn?t use eye makeup removers or any products that required strong removal (goodbye gel liners, waterproof mascaras, liquid pens and more); I have to admit I panicked. Luckily, I managed to find some great oil-free products that did the job just fine.

Final Thoughts
The lashes lasted well over three solid weeks and fell out naturally and discreetly, without damaging my own lashes at all. Most clients return before that time for a refill to boost the lash line and maintain the lush Xtreme Lashes look for weeks to come and continue the cycle. Due to my demanding schedule, I was unable to squeeze in an appointment, but I appreciated the experience as much as my current lifestyle could allow.

All in all, Xtreme Lashes made me feel glamorous at any given hour of the day and reminded me that I should try to factor in a couple hours for myself. If you are in the market for high quality lash extensions and can squeeze in a few hours every month for the upkeep, I?d highly recommend this experience. For more information on the product, or to find an Xtreme Lash stylist near you, go to a


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