Dancer Pose

Looking for a yoga posture to improve your figure, concentration and balance all at the same time? Dancer’s Pose has variations for all skill levels, and all skill levels can lengthen and strengthen leg, hip and back muscles, while improving breath support and making more limber your shoulder and forearm muscles. Oh, and it’s fun!

*To complete the posture:

  • 1. Start in Tadasana, taking a few moments to root into the ground and find your center.

  • 2. Find a drishti (focal point) either at eye-level or on the floor — whatever is most comfortable for you.

  • 3. Shift your weight onto one leg, inhale.

  • 4. Bending the knee of your other leg, raise your foot and ankle backward and hold it with the hand of the same side, shifting your center of gravity slightly forward. exhale. Note: Level I, use a strap if one is available to you by wrapping it around your lifted ankle and holding it on either side behind you.

  • 5. Strengthen your balance.

  • 6. Align your hips, knees, shoulders and the ankle of your standing foot.

  • 7. Hold and inhale and exhale three long breaths.

  • 8. Inhale and raise the arm that is not holding your ankle directly in front of you so that it is parallel to the floor. Exhale.

  • 9. Continue to hold for several breaths.

  • 10. Level II-III: Lengthen arm outward and torso upward to deepen the pose.

  • 11. Return to Tadasana slowly.

  • 12. Repeat.

  • *Caution: The nature of yoga is an exploration of unique body positions that help us stretch and elongate our muscles, tissues, and spine. Learn how to practice properly at a trusted studio in your neighborhood or at home with instructional videos.

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