Estee Lauder Introduces New Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Collection

Looking for an anti-aging product that’s worth its weight in gold? Consider Estee Lauder, a tried and trusted standby in the beauty world, who is boldly emerging in the prestige market with an ambitious new collection that’s sure to shake things up.

Boasting a hefty $950 price tag, the New Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Creme and Night Serum is serious skin care inspired by the pristine depths of the Antarctic Ocean, combining extremely rare and precious ingredients with cutting-edge science.

Technically speaking, it’s an exquisite anti-aging skin care breakthrough featuring Glacial BioExtract, a powerful, concentrated essence that renews the skin's surface and protects it against daily environmental conditions. Additionally, the magical concentrate restores skin’s strength and resilience, optimizes hydration levels, and of course boosts natural collagen and elastin as well. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Working with other precious ingredients including Micro-Mineral Concentrate, Hawaiian Deep Sea Water, Colloidal Gold, and more, the face crème nourishes fabulously and restores the surface to appear virtually ageless; while the Night Serum replenishes tired skin with an infusion of lipids from exotic plants, luxurious natural oils like Karjana Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, and other naturally derived ingredients to create a smooth, silky, glowing complexion.

The collection arrives at select Estee Lauder counters in March 2012, but I got a sneak preview of its debut and just started using the two-piece skin care set to try out for myself. While I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference in my skin just yet, I trust that its potent powers will do the trick in due time.

And for what it’s worth, I have to admit that every time I apply the products, I absolutely feel like a queen. My face feels pampered and pretty, and most notably, soothed by the light creamy fragrance of green floral notes and a subtle sandalwood aroma. Estee Lauder, I think you’re on to something. Visit to learn more.

Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan is a fashion and beauty editor, travel journalist, style expert and on-air host who brings incredible passion and industry experience from years of working for Travel + Leisure,,, The Kardashians, E! Online, StyleCaster, Lonely Planet, The Daily, WWD,, Real Simple Magazine, and more. Based in Los Angeles, Jennifer is also a style an...(Read More)

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