Amarté Heart & Seoul Collection: Korean Skin Care Comes to America

Photos Courtesy of Amarté Skin Care
Amarté Skin Care began as a love story. It starts with a man and a woman, Dr. Craig Kraffert, founder of Dermstore, and his wife. Like most juicy love stories, conflict can often occur. And renowned board certified dermotologist Craig Kraffert faced one: The inability to appease his Korean wife's desire for dermatological products that also offered the luxurious feel, scent and packaging that she became accustomed to in Seoul, beauty product capital of the world.
So, just as the Korean skin care craze hit the states in a wave of BB creams, Dr. Kraffert and his wife decided to ride it out with their own line. Originating in Seoul, and with the direct translation, “to love you,” Dr. Kraffert and his team repurposed and repackaged Amarté for American faces.

Amarté's motto, "Love yourself. Love your skin." makes perfect sense with their Heart & Seoul Collection of cleansing, hydration, rejuvenation and protection products. Marrying Eastern holistic minerals with Western medicine, the line engages the highest quality bio-organic materials and innovative technology.
Nanotechnology is utilized in the form of nano-particles infused into each Heart & Seoul product, allowing for exceptional stability and absorption of specially formulated nano-retinol (vitamin A) and active peptides. The addition of sophisticated moisturizing ingredients, unknown in traditional Western skin care, only serves to amplify the twice-daily application experience.

For $150, (sold online or at high-end retailers worldwide) the Heart & Seoul collection for women can find a home by your sink. And of course, no Korean skin care line can call itself complete without that BB Cream. The hottest product on the market right now, BB cream fuses foundation-style coverage with moisturizers, anti-wrinkle ingredients and SPF.
Mary certainly fell in love with Amarté’s BB Cream, available in 1.4 fl oz for $49, finding it “unusually smooth, weightless and flawlessly applied.” Fine in pigment dispersion, the beauty balm is rich in Argan and Macademia oils, shea butter and caviar extract. Broad-spectrum SPF 36 protection delivers via titanium dioxide and ethyhexyl methoxycinnamate, for dependable sun defense.

Additionally, unlike most others Mary has tried, “with wear, it stayed perfectly in place without shine or flaking...even through a day of travel...I looked flawless departing the plane.”

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