111 Skin Offers $1,000 Extraterrestrial Face Cream That is Literally Out-of-this-World


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There are plenty of reasons to drop some serious change on skincare—maybe you want to look like Beyoncé or maybe you’re starting to get those crow’s feet your mother warned you about, or maybe you just want to slather a little meteorite on your face. Well now you can for a cool $1,000 a pop. 111 Skin has a new Celestial Black Diamond Cream that was developed with both doctors and scientists to deliver the best anti-aging ingredient—from space. This is the kind of stuff that makes your La Prairie serum look like a Walgreens knockoff.

London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides began 111 Skin as a take-home treatment for his patients to assist in the healing process, but soon ladies were coming back to him for more of the miracle cream, long after they were done with their procedures. Developed in conjunction with the Soviet Space Program, the cream has even been tested on astronauts in outer space where accelerated aging is known to occur. Basically this cream has been to the stars and back so we understand the hefty price tag, but we had to know what was in this moisturizer to make it so (forgive me) out-of-this-world.

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Aside from skincare veterans like oils for moisture, sea kelp for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and salicylic acid for clearing the skin of spots and blemishes, the cream also contains black diamonds that have been crushed so finely they can actually penetrate the pores of your skin. Black diamonds, or carbonado, is the toughest form of natural diamond and only found in Brazil and Central Africa. Believed to be the remnants of a meteor impact millions of years ago, it should be noted that South America and Africa were at one point a single continent and a direct hit from either meteorite or shrapnel from a Supernova (both highly prevailing theories) would leave this extraterrestrial ingredient in both continents.

The other star ingredient so to speak, is NAC Y2 which aside from having a very scientific-based name is actually quite simple. A mixture of NAC, an amino acid that helps collagen production, ascorbyl phosphate, a vitamin C, and Escin which helps the other two penetrate your pores, allows the product to “detoxify, hydrate and regenerate the skin, while fighting free radicals.”

While I’m perfectly happy with my La Prairie, the thought of trying a space ingredient to stop aging is almost too tempting to pass up, and at $1,000 a bottle is does have that super-exclusive factor that makes slathering it on your skin feel even more luxurious. For now we’ll leave this one up to our readers. Would you try a bottle of the 111 Skin space cream?

111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Cream is available at Barneys and priced at $1,095.

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