No Rental Shoes Here—Chanel Reimagines Bowling for Chance Eau Vive Fragrance

Photo/Video Credit: Jean-Paul Goude / Chanel

Bowling has to be the least sexy and sophisticated sport that we can possibly think of, but it seems Jean-Paul Goude disagrees. The legendary Chanel photographer and director reimagined the traditional bowling alley for Chanel’s latest fragrance campaign, and turned it into a luxury-lover’s dream. Glowing models, colorful Chanel couture and glass perfume bottles replace retro shirts, rental shoes and stale beer. It’s a high-fashion, pastel paradise that for the first time ever, makes us believe we could truly love the smell of a bowling alley.

Chance Eau Vive

Shot and filmed by Goude for Chanel’s newest perfume, Chance Eau Vive, four models— Rianne Van Rompaey, Sigrid Agren, Cindy Bruna, and Romy Schonberger—take turns bowling bottles of Eau Vive in an attempt to knock down the remaining three fragrances in Chanel’s Chance collection. Of course they only bowl strikes and don’t look a bit awkward while doing it—this is still a Chanel ad after all.

Marissa Stempien

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