Innovative Makeup Brushes Might Change the Way We Think About Skincare

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With the rise of beauty stars and social media makeup gurus, the retail market has grown exponentially, promoting the development of new products, formulas and application systems. But the latest innovation in beauty comes in the form of a new line of skincare makeup brushes. This month Artis released the Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set, a new skincare applicator system that allows you to apply serums and lotions with a gentle touch and pinpoint precision. And we’ve been using our fingers this whole time. Oops.

Skincare Makeup Brushes artis

Artis innovator and a former MAC Cosmetics senior executive, Matthew Waitesmith, suggests that using your hands to apply formula is disturbing the skin around the application area, wasting product, tugging at delicate skin and causing the serum to lose its potential advantage. “There are some remarkably sophisticated skincare formulas in existence. However, what makes a formula truly effective at helping to transform the skin is the effectiveness of its application,” he explained in a press release, adding that today, some products are so advanced that how they’re applied can make a difference in their effectiveness.

Skincare Makeup Brushes artis

To make the transition from hands to brush simple, the applicators are intentionally shaped like fingers (hence the name “Digit”) with an ergonomic design to make them easy to manipulate. Each brush is also covered in the brand’s originally developed CosmeFibre that’s meant to easily hold emollient formulas and delicately apply them to the skin. We can’t imagine going totally-hands free during our beauty routine, but if this helps with that delicate area around the eye (do you smooth or do you tap?) then it’s almost worth it.

The Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set in Coffret is available at upscale department stores and online for $425.

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