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I recently received the best facial of my life at five-star Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath, England, where the only products used were from Elemental Herbology. Unable to go back to a life before those products, I now have a totally new skincare routine and after just one month, I can honestly say that I look younger and fresher than I have looked in years.

Launched in 2008, Elemental Herbology is based in the UK and has won accolades in Vogue, has been endorsed by beauty gurus, and is used on the treatment menus in some of the world’s best spas (including the Royal Crescent – obviously). In wanting to create “a different kind of skincare and bodycare range,” Elemental Herbology draws on traditional Chinese medicine with its dedication to plant-based beauty and the five-element theory.

“Five-element theory is the belief that all life is comprised of and ruled by the five elements of nature – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – and that these elements need to work in harmony to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium,” states the brand. “We believe your skin needs a balance of all the elements, and that balance depends on your skin type, your lifestyle, the season and a range of environmental factors. Your Elemental Herbology prescription will comprise products from a mix of our ranges, depending on what your skin needs to achieve balance at this point in time.”

The products I have personally fallen in love with include the Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser, the Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Facial Pads, the Cell Nourish Radiance & Vitality Serum, and the Facial Soufflé Overnight Mask/Cream.

Though I have mixed these products in with my preexisting skincare routine, they have replaced several other products. I start with the Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser (£29/$38), which is an antibacterial foaming cleanser that has a very light scent and is designed to help control oil. I typically get a few hormonal spots along my chin and jaw whenever that time of month strikes and I have noticed a significant reduction since I started using the cleanser a month ago.

Next I use the Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Facial Pads (£30/$39), which I don’t think I can ever live without again. This Gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid Treatment is packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and cell penetrating peptides, helping to pump up fine lines and wrinkles, all while minimizing pores and helping reduce breakouts. It makes my skin feel super smooth and bright right after using. I generally use these every night, though the website recommends using it 2-3 times a week.

After I wait for my skin to dry, I bring out the Cell Nourish Radiance & Vitality Serum (£46/$60), which is pretty much a must if you have dry skin. I use it every night to give my skin a vitamin boost that is full of proteins and anti-oxidants. As someone who travels pretty frequently, my skin tends to get very dry and dull over time if I don’t pay attention. This serum has totally taken care of any issues I see from constantly being on the go.

The last thing I use at night is the Facial Soufflé Overnight Mask/Cream (£49/$64), which is a hydrating mask that helps firm and plump your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Again, this is a fantastic product for anyone who travels a lot (especially by air). I general use this as a regular moisturizer, meaning that I don’t put a super thick layer on, which is what you would do if you wanted to use it as an overnight mask. The packaging recommends washing your face in the morning, but I honestly don’t think it’s needed, since everything has soaked in by the time I wake up.

While I like how these products make my skin feel, I hadn’t realized they were changing the way I looked until my boyfriend commented on my looking younger. Since we are in a long distance relationship and only see one another face-to-face every six weeks or so, he actually notices things that other people who see me every day don’t see. For him to say I look younger means that for the first time, I’ve actually found a skincare line that delivers on what it promises.

So instead of worrying about what to buy your loved ones for the holidays, maybe you should treat yourself and take a chance on a new skincare line.

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