What is The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape?

Health & Beauty: There are so many great hairstyles out there, how do you know the one that’s right for you? The best way to determine if a cut is right for you is to use your face shape as a guide. Finding a cut that flatters your face shape can make you look younger and help hide any issues you may have, like a strong jaw or wide forehead. We asked Tresemmé celebrity stylist Jeanie Syfu to give us the downlow on what hairstyles work best for each face shape—oval, round, square and heart. Not sure what your face shape is? Take our Face Shape Quiz to find out now!

Oval Face Shape
Ovals are lucky because they can wear practically any hairstyle. From complicated, asymmetrical updos to simple loose styles, an oval’s balanced facial proportions make it easy to rock any look. Syfu’s fave look for ovals is super-straight center-parted hair. "Clean and simple, flat-ironed hair doesn't work for everyone but it looks good on an oval because they can really wear anything," says Syfu.

Square Face Shape
Square gals need styles that will help minimize the width of their face. Syfu likes swept-back, volumized waves because they “counterbalance your facial width, so it doesn't look as large and the waves help soften the angles of your face.” Syfu also recommends a shoulder-length, grown-out bob because it “automatically gives you a little volume and looks better because it's not so big through the sides,” she says.

Heart Face Shape
To help balance out a heart-shaped face, Syfu recommends a messy, chin-length bob. “Choppy, jaw length layers help soften the face and add a little more lift where you need it,” she says. Bangs are also a great way to help soften up a heart-shaped face. “Bangs work well with this face shape because they soften the corners of the face and reduce its length," says Syfu.

Round Face Shape
To help add asymmetry to a round face, try a dramatic side part and soft, tousled waves. "Anything side-swept breaks up the roundness of the face and makes it look more asymmetric," says Syfu. To minimize the look of fullness, opt for hairstyles that have a lot of height, like and updo with a slight pouf to it. "Pompadour styles work great on a round face because the height de-emphasizes the roundness and makes it look squarer while the sleek sides make your face look narrower," she says.

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