Designer Katherine Jetter Attempts to Single-Handedly Revive the Australian Opal Luxury Market

When you think of Australia, beaches, barbeques and possibly kangaroos come to mind—but you may not consider high-end jewelry as being one of the country’s attributes. But Down Under they have a national gemstone unlike any other: the Australian Opal. The opal is the unsung hero in the fashion industry (and is often considered unlucky), but we can thank this once-unpopular stone for igniting Katherine Jetter’s passion for jewelry. When gifted a blue Australian opal from her parents, the jewelry designer was instantly enamored by its beauty. “That's where the idea started,” she tells JustLuxe. “I wanted to pay tribute to my country, Australia’s national gemstone and bring opals into the 21st century.” From then on, she made it her personal mission to bring the Australian opal into the limelight.

Jessica Cooper

Jessica Cooper is an independent, published writer and writes for fashion, beauty, food and travel. As well as constantly running around fashion events Jessica is a passionate traveller and she aims to explore the world. Her work has been published in many magazines and newspapers. ...(Read More)

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