Harry Winston Channels the Nostalgic Imagery of the ‘50s for Opus 14

Photos/Video Credit: Harry Winston

Get ready to add another exclusive timepiece to your watch collection—Harry Winston just released Opus 14, the 14th edition of the brand’s unique Opus collection. The latest piece is inspired by 1950s automobiles and jukeboxes, an era of drive-ins, drag races and rock ‘n’ roll, which is captured in its one-of-a-kind dial and blue and red Americana palette. With a limited run of only 50 pieces, it’s a beautiful collectors-edition that combines mechanical innovation with whimsical imagination.

Harry Winston Opus 14

The Opus collection was started in 2001 with the goal of partnering with a different independent watchmaker every year that challenges the vision of traditional horology. Designed by Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, the Opus 14 pushes the envelope with an original piece that uses a playful and nostalgic image of ‘50s youth to bring this timepiece to life. They even designed a miniaturized jukebox system for the watch which hides four inner “records” that are brought out like dials for multiple displays.

Harry Winston Opus 14

Housed within a 54.7 mm, 18-karat gold casing, the jukebox-style mechanism is surrounded by a uniquely-designed dial. At nine o’clock the local time hours are displayed on a small sub-dial, with the minutes displayed on a larger arc-dial that runs from three to six o’clock. The small selector at nine o’clock allows the jukebox dials to change from local time, to GMT, to the date and finally to a dial made to look like a record that boasts the Harry Winston signature and a large star, referencing the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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