A Family Affair: Korchmar Celebrates 100 Years of Quality Creation

The phrase "heritage brand" gets thrown around a lot by companies these days, but how much truth is there to those stories? In the case of Korchmar, the proof is woven into every fiber of the brand's luxury leather goods. For the last 100 years, the family-owned and operated business has continually produced some of the finest leather goods on the market. Sitting down with Michael and Mike Korchmar (now the third and fourth generation to run the business, respectively), one gets the feeling that what makes their products special is the fact that they come from a long lineage of quality.

The company began in 1913, when Max Korchmar came to the United States from the Ukraine to start a new life. At the time, Max was only 13 years old and his mother had died of cancer, leaving him to find his own way in the world. He landed in Baltimore, Maryland, where he worked on the docks. Not long after his arrival, Max began creating small leather caps for the corners of luggage, as well as caps for the lights on the first motor vehicles. He quickly began a larger enterprise in the 1920s designing leather medical bags for doctors. At the advent of World War II, Korchmar began manufacturing leather bags en masse, designing military bags for those sent to Europe as soldiers.     

Kat Ward

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