These Four Private Jet Charter Apps Make Summoning a Plane As Easy as Using Uber

With our reliance on smartphones, we expect everything at our fingertips at any given moment—you can book a house in Paris on Airbnb, get anything you want delivered to your door via Postmates (even if it’s just frozen yogurt at midnight), and use Uber to get a lift whenever you need. Seeing this, the private jet industry has gone through a huge upswing in the past few years, moving from a luxury for the very few to something much more mainstream. Thanks to new companies that have taken the Uber approach to meeting consumer demands, you can now hail a plane just as easily as you can order takeout.

Giving a fantastic alternative to commercial airlines, app-based services have made private jet travel far more accessible in recent years, especially for those traveling in a group. Now, we’re not talking about charter companies who own their own fleet of aircraft, like NetJets—those are in a class all their own and they’ve fought their way to the top of the game. We’re talking about companies that connect you with jets available to charter (some through big-name companies) in the same way Uber connects you with drivers when you need a ride. 

The next time you’re needing a literal pick-me-up, check out these four private jet app services, many with industry pros at the helm:

Mila Pantovich

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