The Private Jet Industry and Coronavirus: The Latest Private Jet Card Comparisons Research Results.

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The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the escalating novel Coronavirus outbreak and contagion has shaken the aviation industry. According to a recent Magellan Jets e-mail communication, demand for April 2020 is off 60% from what it was in 2019, all driven by the nationwide commitment to self-quarantine. 

The most recent research about Coronavirus issues relating to UHNW private jet consumers are presented in the recent results of the Private Jet Cards Comparisons Survey.

Doug Gollan, travel and luxury lifestyle journalist and media executive, has built a digital media and consulting company focused on private aviation users. His weekly e-newsletter DG Amazing Experiences reaches over 25,000 full and fractional private aircraft owners, and Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only independent buyer’s guide to private aviation memberships, comparing over 250 programs by more than 65 variables, enabling them to identify the programs that best fit their needs.


An email survey from Private Jet Card Comparisons, was sent to subscribers March 17-19, 2020. It generated 90 responses in under 3 days with a +/- 5% margin of error. The survey results provide a unique look into the mindsets of private jet users regarding their concerns about the challenges of dealing with the Coronavirus. 

Mr. Gollan says, “While 36% said they had scheduled extra private flights because of Coronavirus, 39% have canceled flights, mainly for international vacations and routine business trips. For the next 90 to 120 days, they expect most of their private flights will be to relocate family members, visit second homes, and attending critical business meetings. What’s more, only 3% said they have already canceled summer vacation plans and likely won’t reschedule, even if the virus recedes with time."


Here is a further breakdown of results from the survey, whose basic questions relate to whether respondents had canceled any private jet trips because of Coronavirus, aka. COVID-19.  

61% of respondents have not canceled any trips because of COVID-19

        39% canceled a trip.

36% of respondents have made additional private aviation trips because of COVID-19.

Reasons for extra, private aviation trips: Flying children home from schools, relocating family members and employees, and replacing trips normally flown on public airlines with private aviation.  

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In the next 90-120 days, the most likely private flight reasons are: 

Trips to relocate family members (46%),

Leisure trips to a second home (45%),

Important business trips (35%)  

48% said plans are continuing, subject to change,

         29% said plans  are canceled for now but may reconsider later,

         77% of respondents said reducing potential exposure from COVID-19 will influence private aviation use

Respondents also said they are most concerned with cleaning of aircraft, terminals and ensuring employees of the private aviation companies are screened to ensure they are not sick.

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This last stat shows the possibility of an emerging trend that shall be watched closely.

Mr. Gollan concludes, “COVID-19 has highlighted the unsanitary conditions on so many of the airlines, where one finds the planes are often not well cleaned. On the other hand, whereas private aviation always had good cleaning standards, many companies are now stepping up and adding all sorts of extra cleaning and bio-protection applications.”

We will stay abreast of the latest trends and research as regards the private aviation industry, and other industries directly affected by this ongoing, hopefully short-term, pandemic experience. 

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