Photography Lady Gaga Would Die For
Beautiful Monster


Photo Courtesy of Paco Peregr�n

If Lady Gaga is looking for some fantastic new art to decorate her home with, Paco Peregr�n's Beautiful Monster series is sure to fit in with her eclectic tastes. Peregr�n's photos plays with the concept of beauty and what makes a person strange or alien in our society.

The photos portray people with their faces hidden by various types of masks, their bodies left relatively untouched and uncovered. These aren't the masks you usually think of though; these contemporary shields come in the form of makeup, hair, bandaging, jewelry, and even stones.

Known as one of the most interesting photographers working in advertising, beauty, art and fashion today, Paco Peregr�n was born in Spain and has won many different awards and grants, including a Gold Lux 2008 award. Much of his photography reflects an avant garde combination of sensuality and danger.

Beautiful Monster poses the question of why people wear masks and whether or not they do it to hide, to enhance their inner selves, or to create a completely new self. These captivating images may not be to everyone's taste, but they'll certainly snatch your attention.

Mila Pantovich

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