Tyler Shields Defies Gravity With New Series Suspense

tyler shields suspense series

Photos Courtesy of Tyler Shields
Controversial photographer Tyler Shields is known for photographing celebrities in a way that exposes the darkness of Hollywood (from overexposure to depression and addiction), using anything from raw meat to blood to get his point across. He's been around long enough now that his work is no longer new, per se, but it still makes an impact and legions of fans constantly await his newest shots. Wait no longer because Shields is back with Suspense, his newest series which will debut at the Guy Hepner Gallery on April 28 in Los Angeles.

Taking nearly a year to complete, this collection is full of gravity-defying shots that capture moments of promised danger, perfectly befitting of the title Suspense. In keeping with his style, famous faces fill the frames, including two of his favorite subjects to shoot, actress Emma Roberts and girlfriend Francesca Eastwood. Instead of solely being about the person in the frame, many of the photos are from afar, concerned more with the environment and landscape. "It's a whole new style; the approach to this series has been about finding the biggest and the [best] places to shoot," says Shields.
"Freedom is the big idea of this series. I wanted to push the possibilities of the body and the mind," says Shields. With bodies suspended in mid-air, leaping from trains, bridges, and building-tops (including one impressive shot of Emma Roberts falling, seemingly a brief moment away from hitting the cement), these images are about motion and expectation. Like lost stills from a film, you can only dream of the possibilities within the next missing frame.

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