Tyler Shields Funds Outlaw By Selling $500K Photograph to Gilmore Girls Star

Photo Credit: Tyler Shields
Never one to do anything by convention, photographer Tyler Shields raised $500K for his new film Outlaw by selling a single photo. Bought by Scott Patterson — of Gilmore Girls fame — the photo titled Leap of Faith marks the first time a feature film has been entirely funded by a photo sale (well, Shields hopes so anyhow).

Starring Ana Mulvoy-Ten and Logan Huffman (who appear in Leap of Faith), as well as Lydia Hearst and Ali Cobrin, Outlaw is about a famous photographer who catches his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend. Torn, the character struggles between showing compassion and rage upon discovering the truth.

"Outlaw is about tragedy. It is a story of revenge and heartbreak when the person closest to you, the one person you think you can trust, f***s you over," explains Tyler Shields. "It is important for me to show that side of life in a very real way. For me, making a film is just about finding as many incredible moments as possible. I love to let my actors give me something special, but with Outlaw I am acting and directing, so the trick will be getting that from myself."

Filming starts in Los Angeles in October.

Mila Pantovich

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