Photographer Tony Kelly On Keeping His Creative Identity While Working With Celebrities

Dublin-born photographer Tony Kelly has a problem — he's got the perfect life. I may have called him early in the morning for our interview, but even when pulling himself from the haze of sleepiness, Tony exudes charm and likability (which may have been due in part to his accent or possibly because he was awaking at 7 a.m. in Waikiki). With an air of David Hemmings circa 1966's Blow-Up about him, he is chatty in a way most people can never be, because though he rambles, he does so with a passionate purpose. Throughout our half hour chat he dispelled the myth that famous photographers live to work with big name celebrities, explained why he prefers working with unknown models, and divulged the most important detail of the business.

The 37 year old got his start as a junior press photographer when he was around 18, working for the main newspaper publisher in Ireland, Independent Newspaper, and its two main titles, The Irish Independent and the Evening Herald. He began capturing people, places, and situations most people never experience, such as the civil war in Rwanda and the war in Afghanistan.

Mila Pantovich

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