Get the Insider Scoop on How Art Basel Transports Its Multi-Million Dollar Artworks

Over 70,000 people flocked to Miami Beach over the weekend to check out Art Basel, the leading international gallery that showcases countless pieces from renowned and emerging artists. With everything on display, from sculptures and paintings to installations and films, it can be very easy to get lost in the cultural smorgasbord, giving no thought to how it was actually put together. After all, someone had to have delivered all of those artworks safely for you to enjoy them with cocktail in hand. And furthermore, where does million-dollar art live when it's not on display? When something as seemingly harmless as a moisture in the air can destroy a piece, major galleries turn to trained intermediaries to get artwork from them to a show, like Art Basel. And one such "middleman" is RoboVault.

With its high-tech storage facility in Fort Lauderdale, RoboVault promises to keep your valuables safe and protected from the environment. Whether you need somewhere to keep your priceless luxury car or your Van Gogh, RoboVault can help. Not only do they keep it safe for you, they do everything—from the packing and shipping to the moving and installation. Which is why Art Basel trusts them to deliver the artworks needed for its Miami event. 

Mila Pantovich

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