Private Jet Flight, Terrible Dinner Conversation, And A Nerd Who Will Leave You With A Dinner You’ll Never Forget

Images Courtesy of Cultural Attractions of Australia

David Walsh’s Mona Museum in Tasmania is an exceptional and world-renowned private art museum unlike any other. And unlike any other collector, the eccentric aficionado/counter-culturalist/unconventional maths enthusiast is affording guests an opportunity to experience a dinner gathering they will never forget all for the staggering price of $50,000 Australian dollars.

Mona Museum at sunrise. 

Guests will embark on a luxurious adventure to Tasmania, combining exclusive access to Mona with personalized experiences with David himself. Soar in by private jet from either Sydney or Melbourne and settle into your luxurious pavilion accommodations at Mona. Guests will be guided on an unforgettable exploration of the art collection by a Mona curator. Delve deeper with a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the museum’s winery and wine bunker. As David might, you might be asked to partake in an impromptu game of tennis on the museum grounds’ entrance before having a ridiculously lavish dinner at one of Mona’s luxe restaurants. 

Mona accomodations. 

Cultural Attractions of Australia is seventeen members uniting Australia’s cultural attractions which celebrate the country’s diverse cultural, historical, and sporting influences. Offering curated VIP experiences, both domestic and international travelers will find ideal ways to immerse themselves in Australian culture. 

Inquiries must be made in advance, and allow two days for the experience before March 31st, 2024. E-mail for more information. 

Courtesy of Cultural Attractions of Australia

The wild Mona Roma ferry ride. 

Courtesy of Cultural Attractions of Australia

A cocktail from the Mona Void bar. 

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