Nation's Top Restaurants Celebrate Julia Child's 100th Birthday

Legendary culinary genius Julia Child would be turning 100 on August 15, so in remembrance of her contributions to American gastronomy, top restaurants across the nation created special menus for the week in tribute.

The publisher of a new biography about Child, “Dearie,” by Bob Spitz has created Julia Child Restaurant Week, from August 7 to August 15, although each restaurant is slightly different. Many venues are in Child's hometown of Pasadena, California and extend throughout the nation to New York City.

Several restaurants are well known for having personal relationships with Child. Television Chef Emeril Lagasse's restaurants are participating in the JC100 festivities. The personable chef and Child became friends after he appeared on her “Cooking with Master Chefs,” back in 1993.

As the publisher of Julia Child's landmark cookbooks, Alfred A Knopf has been hyping up the birthday on social media, encouraging fans to share their memories of the lady that brought French cooking into American homes via cookbooks and television series.

Personally, I have many memories of Julia Child's cooking. My restaurant critic father used her recipe for hollandaise as a special brunch treat when we were growing up and passed on her secrets to my brother, now a professional cook. I myself recently discovered her Caesar salad recipe. At a special fundraiser for PBS back in the mid 90s, my family had the opportunity to meet Julia and the woman was gracious enough to sign a copy of "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home."

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