Talking Wine With Luxury Brand LVMH's Newton Vineyard Estate Director Rob Mann

Recently, while wrapped in the mist of an early Napa autumn morning, we visited the Newton Vineyard property on Spring Mountain in California's Napa Valley. We were given a tour personally by the recently appointed Newton Estate Director and winemaker Rob Mann, who chatted with us about preparing the foundation for some truly spectacular future vintages.

While winding up the steep mountain in Rob's 4-wheel drive SUV, he joked about whether we'd make it through the mud—"Going back down is harder"— and told us about the property. After driving past the terraced gardens held up by stacked rock walls built by founder Peter Newton on a slim slice of dirt road, we headed for a lone pine tree at the top of the mountain standing as sentinel over the Spring Mountain vineyard. The going may have been slow, but we could clearly see all of the blocks to gain a better understanding of the how the varieties changed with the land. 

Michelle Winner

Michelle M. Winner is inveterate traveler whose goal is to land on all of the continents- in style. Enjoying her job as ' professional sybarite' she dutifully reports on the best hotels, wines, spas and chefs in her travels. She is past President of the prestigious worldwide IFWTWA and flys between her homes on the beach in Hawaii and the mountains of Oregon Michelle also write...(Read More)

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