Five Different Takes on the Vodka Martini

The martini is a drink that hardly needs an introduction – it’s the official vice of James Bond, after all. Its drinkers signal to the world that they’re cultured, classy and maybe a little bit mysterious. For the uninitiated, a classic martini is made with gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive or lemon twist. Another variation uses vodka in place of gin, and drinkers can have the cocktail on the rocks or, as Mr. Bond would prefer it, “shaken, not stirred.”  Either way, be it through vigorous stirring or a good shake, the drink is intended to be so cold it almost hurts.

According to NPR, the martini has its origins in the 1800s, where it can be traced back to California’s Gold Rush. It’s said that a bartender grabbed whatever he had on hand to concoct a celebratory elixir for a miner who had just struck gold. He called it the Martinez, named after the town the bar was located in. Word spread, and the drink ended up in the Bartender’s Manual.

Another account places the martini’s origins in San Francisco, and yet another with a bartender in New York. Many also think the name comes from the Italian vermouth maker, Martini & Rossi, who started its marketing operations in 1863. Whatever the true version of events, the martini is here to stay. World Martini Day is Sunday, June 19, so JustLuxe uncovered five decadent takes on the classic recipe for you to enjoy at home or out with friends.

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