The Winning Wines of the 2015 En Primeur Campaign

Now that all the excitement and anticipation of the 2015 En Primeur campaign has diminished, merchants, collectors and even consumers have had the chance to more clearly reflect on what is truly a vintage of mixed reviews. While many hoped that this would be the year to correct previous market detriments—particularly in the form of unreasonable price points—the rollout of 2015 offerings did little to genuinely change the market landscape.

But all was not lost. Optimism hung on the fact that 2015 was, at the end of the day, considered more than merely competitive. For what offerings lacked in uniformity, they made up for in purity, freshness and finesse. The general consensus was that although the 2015s could not match the magic and exuberance of outstanding vintages such as 2005, 2009 and 2010, they often came close, and definitely surpassed the somewhat lackluster wines of 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014. Sales numbers backed these reviews, with figures exceeding previous years—most notably 2014 and 2013—despite the fact that 2015’s en primeur overall quality fell short of expectations and prices remained high. 

Alexander Westgarth

Hailing from Hampstead, Alexander Westgarth is the Founder and President of Westgarth Wines, a wine investment brokerage firm based in Los Angeles with a satellite office in London. Certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, he is a first class oenophile, world traveler and savvy investment adviser. Westgarth Wines brings the three together, blending Alex’s acumen for smart, profitable lu...(Read More)

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