Fork Monkey: The Latest Foodie Underground Network

The travel industry is full of disruptors—Airbnb, Uber, HomeAway and others. So it should come as no surprise that the culinary industry is getting in on the game. There's EatWith, the food equivalent of Airbnb, while supper clubs and speakeasies are popping up in major cities.

Sometimes, the best ideas come at the most unexpected moment. So when Marta Wolaver was on a flight to Berlin and filling time reading the New York Times, she was struck by the story of the Shy Chef in Berlin who hosts under-the-radar dinner parties at his home. Being a foodie, and one who loves to seek out unique dining experiences when she travels, Marta emailed him from the plane and to her surprise, he invited her to dinner at his home. This would become the most memorable evening of her entire trip.

This gave her a taste for international culinary adventures, and uncovering these unique dining experiences became her passion. And thus, Fork Monkey was born. 


Beth Graham

Beth writes about the things that feed her soul - food, wine and travel. Read her stories at Wine is her muse at ...(Read More)

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