Dining Out in Scotland: Europe’s Next Great Food Destination

Haggis, kippers, black pudding, clootie dumplings…Scottish food has typically been rather rustic and the butt of jokes for centuries. It is a joke no longer, though. The little nation’s culinary credentials are on the rise; it now boasts 13 Michelin stars awarded to 12 restaurants scattered across the country, not just in the cities.

Dynamic chefs are returning from stints abroad to rediscover the abundance of plants and herbs their forbears foraged from the land, and are keeping much of the coveted cornucopia of fish and seafood caught in the waters right of Scotland’s shores for their own kitchens.

Eric Rosen

Eric Rosen lives in Los Angeles and writes about food, wine, travel and adventure... usually in some combination of the four. He regularly contributes to Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, Cond� Nast's HotelChatter and Jaunted, TravelAge West, Palate Press, Frontiers, Edge and Wandermelon. His work has also appeared in the L.A. Times. When he is not exploring the Los Angeles dining scene...(Read More)

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