The Smart Cone Wireless Speaker Will Play What You Want, When You Want It

Cone Wireless Speaker

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Designed for the shape of our hands, the Aether Cone ($399) is a beautifully simple wireless speaker that reminds us of a megaphone. Available in black and copper or white and silver, the “thinking music player” learns what you like, when you like it. Meaning, if you always crank The Weeknd in the mornings, Cone will know and make it happen.

Cone Wireless Speaker

Able to play music, podcasts and Internet radio via a variety of different services, Cone can be worked by turning the dial (which is the entire front façade) or through voice command. The newest range has been outfitted with multi-room syncing capabilities—meaning you can buy 10 of them and sprinkle them throughout your mansion. 

Cone Wireless Speaker

Even cooler is that because of the “thinking” function we mentioned, the speaker will not only learn what you like, but which room you listen to it in. Prefer to keep The Weeknd in the bedroom? The Cone knows that. Even if you only buy one and choose to simply move it from room-to-room, Aether promises it will still be able to learn your preferences for each living zone.

Cone Wireless Speaker

Boasting an eight-hour battery life, the Bluetooth-enabled player also features voice feedback and is able to answer questions like: What song is this? It can also repeat your requests to make sure it is hearing you correctly and if you have more than one, you can ask what its name is. 

Cone Wireless SpeakerCone Wireless SpeakerCone Wireless Speaker

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