Let There be Light: Google's New Project Analyzes Solar Potential

Project Sunroof

Photos Credit: Google

Have you ever wondered whether you would benefit from solar panels? Advances in technology have made the panels more efficient, less obtrusive, and more user-friendly than ever, so it might be worth looking into, even if you don’t live in always sunny Southern California. Google has launched a new project, called Project Sunroof, which is an online tool that helps homeowners determine whether or not solar panels would be a worthwhile investment for their homes. Utilizing preexisting Google Earth information, Project Sunroof analyzes several different characteristics of your location and gives you a snapshot of whether or not you would benefit from installing solar panels.

Project Sunroof Houses

Metrics included in this calculation are shade, roof orientation, historical weather patterns, and the sun’s ever-changing position. This way, not only can you determine if you should have solar panels or not, but you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where you’ll get the most out of your investment. Once you receive your analysis, you’re able to be put in touch with solar paneling companies, which are recommended by Google, but know that it doesn’t share you data unless you specifically request for it to be passed on to solar providers. At present, Project Sunroof is only available in 42 states in the United States, but keep an eye out as Google expects to expand in to more states and countries in the coming years.

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