The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Bicycling isn't exactly a new pastime but with growing environmental concerns, it has certainly seen a boom in popularity, with many people choosing to bike to work instead of drive. However, we probably all remember being a kid and not wanting to wear our bike helmet because it wasn't "cool," which is a concern many adults share...especially if hairstyles are involved. When cyclist helmet laws were brought up in Sweden, two friends decided to do the impossible and create an invisible helmet, Hövding (Swedish for "Chieftain"), that keeps you safe and stylish.

"Bicycling is something we do every day and there's a sense of freedom that goes with it. Although people are well aware of the risks on the roads, the vast majority are choosing to bicycle without a helmet," says the company founders, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. "When it comes down to it, people do really want to protect their heads in road accidents, but there are limits. It isn't the bicyclists who need to change, it's the product."lltitle=Cycle Safely Without a Helmet### llcontent=Bicycle helmets are one of those necessities of cycling that no one really likes. They can be ugly, uncomfortable, and irritating to carry around. Wanting to change the world of cycling and create something stylish and unique, two girls in Sweden designed Hövding, an invisible bicycle helmet.

Mila Pantovich

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