Jet Surf Brings You Engine-Powered Surfboards


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If you're a fan of surfing and technology you may want to check out Jet Surf, which makes unique luxury surf boards that feature an integrate carbon fiber hull and engine. You don't even need waves to ride these boards. Jet Surf spent countless hours working on their product, having gone through 10 prototypes and 7 years of development before deciding it was perfect enough for distribution.  surfing
The Jet Surf gasoline tank has a 3-liter capacity, the top speed between their three models is 35 mph, and they weigh around 30 pounds. According to the company, there is no comparable engine in the world that has the same power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the Jet Surf riders do not need special permits, which is great if you want to casually test one out on the waterfront wherever you may be visiting all over the world.  jet surf
There are three different models to choose from, and each one possesses an automatic start engine control unit and system for continuity. If you want to just get your toes wet, the Rookie Jet Surf would be your choice, which tops out at 30 miles per hour using a two stroke engine. The Ultra Sport reaches a speed of 32 miles per hour, while the Factory GP 100 is developed for race and power, speeding along at 35 miles per hour.  surfboard
The World Series 2012 is one of the first places Jet Surf will be showcased, and they will be having an exhibition starting in 2012 in Amsterdam, South Hampton, Istanbul, and Monaco. Now being launched globally, you can have a Jet Surf shipped to you no matter the country you live in. According to the manufacturer, every purchase includes all necessary parts and personal training on-site by one of Jet Surf’s trainers, as well as a stand for the board and a bag.

The Ultra Sport model costs around $15,588 and the Factory GP 100 Model sells for approximately $19,485.

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