Private Suites at Your Favorite Stadiums
Most Expensive NFL Seats

NFL teams have a wide array of options at their home stadiums in terms of luxury suites and here's some of our favorites that allow you the ultimate game day experience. From the endzone to the 30 yard line, fans can enjoy an array of amenities from flat-screen TVs and gourmet food to private stadium entrances and access to team events. 

According to NFL teams have been spending huge amounts of cash on new stadiums, from New York's $1.6 billion stadium and Dallas' $1.2 billion stadium to San Francisco's home turf, which came in right under $1.2 billion. With prices like those, it's no surprise that the luxury suites generally go for a decent price.

Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group told that you can lease a suite at your favorite stadium, which could cost you from $800,000 to $1 million a year, and some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, make you sign lengthy 20 year leases. Instead of leasing one, you can also always take the second route of using a middle-company, like Suite Experience Group itself, which will allow you to buy your way into a suite for individual games. While prices run high, you do get perks like special parking right beside the stadium or underneath with the players. Suite Experience has suites available for single games in stadiums all over, including Lambeau Field and Cowboy Stadium.

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