7 Elite Tennis Academies Producing Pros

In 2014, Time published an article entitled, “What It Costs to Raise a U.S. Open Champion.” The article dove into the competitive world of tennis players and broke down the price tags of getting your child into the best academies, private lessons and tournaments. “In the United States, families of elite tennis players easily spend $30,000 a year so their kids can compete on the national level,” Tim Donovan, founder of Donovan Tennis Strategies, a college recruiting consulting group told the magazine. “That can start as early as age 11 or 12. At the high end, Donovan says, some parents spend $100,000 a year.

As with most sports, becoming a professional tennis player is no easy feat, even with all the talent in the world. Your young athlete will need to log hours upon hours of court time and competing in tournaments (20 a year), while you spend the dollars required to access the best of the best. On the heels of Wimbledon from June 27-July 10 this year, we took a look at some of the most elite academies around the world. If seeing your child one day be named among the tennis greats is your goal, these are seven of the best schools you’ll want to invest in:

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