15 Must-Haves for the Luxe-Minded Glamper

Summer is here and camping season is in full swing. Whether you like to "rough it" with a few extra conveniences or go all-out glamping, there are all sorts of fun gadgets out there that every nature-lover will appreciate having on a trip to the great outdoors. Check out our list of just a few "essentials" you should consider taking on your next adventure.

Oru Kayak makes origami-inspired, foldable kayaks that make getting out on the water more convenient, fun, and accessible for everyone. For most glampers, the weight and size of kayaks make them hard to bring on adventures and present a challenge to transport. With the light-weight and easy-to-store Oru Kayaks you can bring a boat with you without worrying about how you'll get it to the water's edge or sacrificing other gear. The kayak is sold at REI, online at, on kickstarter, and at select outdoor retailers across the country for $1,299. 

Jarone Ashkenazi

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