Formula 1 Grand Prix Takes Center Stage In Austin

Photo by Mission Winnow

The fastest regulated road course in the world recently took center stage in Austin with the Formula 1 Grand Prix happening at the Circuit Of The Americas

The Formula 1 cars have come a long way since the inaugural race in 1950. From speed to performance and technology, everything has been brought to new heights. The cars themselves underwent extensive changes in 2017, the year when wider tyres, front and rear wings were permitted, which allowed the drivers in turn to reach corner speeds of 215mph and lateral forces nearing 6.5g. More recently, in 2019 the hybrid engines were limited in performance to a maximum of 15,000 rpm and the cars are highly dependent on electronics and aerodynamics, suspension and tyres.

Photo by Mission Winnow

A classic European sport from its beginning with the first race taking place in Turin, Italy, under the name of Turin Grand Prix, it has grabbed worldwide attention with races happening in the United States, Dubai,South America and Asia. The Circuit of The Americas in Austin,TX was designed by Hermann Tilke in collaboration with American architectural firm HKS. F1 champion Mario Andretti opened the track in October 2012, when more than 100,000 spectators packed out the Austin venue, witnessing Lewis Hamilton win in a McLaren. The circuit is 5.513 kilometres long (3.4 miles) with 20 turns. It is one of only five on the Formula One calendar to be run counter-clockwise. Because of this, the circuit contains more left-hand turns than right-hand ones, placing greater physical demands on the drivers whose bodies, particularly their necks, are more adapted to the lateral g-forces of clockwise circuits.

Photo by Mission Winnow

While McLaren, Aston Martin, and Renault have made history over the years, there is only one team who has competed every season since the first Formula 1 race ever - The one and only, Ferrari, the legacy of Enzo Ferrari, which has sported famous drivers over the years such as Michael Schumacher, Ferrari has been closely tied with Philip Morris International (PMI) in a strong partnership that has driven innovation and has pushed to constantly improve in their quest for victory.

To take on the legacy from Enzo Ferrari, who used to say that his favorite Ferrari was the next one, PMI’s Mission Winnow together with the Ferrari team has been driven by a quest for excellence in both technological advances as well as drivers’ skills and preparation.

Photo by Mission Winnow

2019 marks the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Scuderia Ferrari, 90 years of the most legendary team in motorsport, with cars driven by some of the most celebrated names in history years of innovation that have created the SF90, the car that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc are driving for Scuderia Ferrari in 2019.

A weekend at the F1 races is like no other. Between the noise, the smell of burnt tires and the anticipation, not to mention spotting a few celebrities here and there, it’s hard to deny the energy surrounding it.

The weekend usually begins with the qualifying races on Saturday, followed by the last technical checkups and preparations for the real race on Sunday. More than 100,000 gather to watch the drivers give their best on the circuit, to see them achieve things that seem superhuman for the rest of us. A quick check of the track from the safety car and the race is on.

The cars are passing by so fast that sometimes it’s hard to believe there’s a human inside who’s in control of everything. And in control they are! From the tight turns and the speeds that surpass that of an airplane taking off, the whole experience seems fitted for superhumans. Outside of the car, the drivers may be human, but inside they definitely turn into something more.

Photo by Mission Winnow

Yet apart from the glamour of it all, there is the social aspect that reminds us all of how connected we are and of the importance of supporting each other. Shortly before the qualifying races on Saturday, Dominique Wilkins, the NBA Legend hosted an episode of his new web series, The Dominant Ones in partnership with Mission Winnow, and focusing on people from different backgrounds who come together to discuss their projects and how they are working to bring their own contribution to society. The episode in Austin, featured journalist Bob Woodruff, former Olympic and World Champion athlete Carl Lewis, and trend-spotter and PMI Vice President Communications Marian Salzman.

Photo by Mission Winnow

Mission Winnow joined the Bob Woodruff Foundation to raise money for injured veterans and their families. Throughout the Austin F1 Grand Prix weekend, Mission Winnow is supporting the #Stand4Heroes Basketball Challenge, where attendees will have the opportunity to shoot hoops for charity and have the opportunity to win prizes. Former NBA All Star Dominique Wilkins, Formula 1, and Scuderia Ferrari also lent their support to the initiative, which was held in the fan zone area of the Circuit of the Americas.

All in all, F1, Mission Winnow, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin and all the other teams involved put on quite a show at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

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