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It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! The holiday season is fast approaching, providing a time for giving a special gift to the most important people in your life. For those that are difficult to shop for or seem to have it all, finding the right unique gift is a daunting task. Luckily, these ultimate affluent gifts listed below span a wide range and will truly make the receiver the envy of his/her friends and family. While trying to find the perfect gift and at times be a bit stressful, these gifts (sorted by price in descending order) will be sure to impress. 

(credit: WineCab)

Robots and wine, who could think that these two seemingly opposite entities could produce the truly one-of-a-kind WineCab (starting at $179,000), the first robotically powered system for wine collections featuring a wine management system. Along with its industry first seven-axis industrial high-speed robotic arm, other features include an AI “virtual” sommelier, temperature control and security settings. Safely and conveniently store upwards of 250 bottles of wine at the optimal temperature and humidity, organized and archived by Delectable (its management system). Combining the latest AI technology with custom luxe materials, WineCab is the ultimate gift for serious oenophiles. WineCab is currently offered in 3 versions - a 6’, 11’ and 15’ model - designed to suit any space and any sized collection.

(credit: CXC Simulations)

CXC Simulations has revolutionized the design and manufacture of racing simulation since 2007. As the most advanced racing simulator available for personal use, the CXC Simulations Motion Pro II begins at $57,000 and truly combines quality, craftsmanship and technological advancement. Built with the same materials as racecars, the Motion Pro II is available with a full 180-degree field of view as well as Virtual Reality, creating a near real-life experience. Combined with features such as a proprietary low-mass full motion control system, multiple vibration replicators, force-feedback steering and a hydraulic racing brake system, the Motion Pro II creates a breathtaking, hair-raising, high-speed experience without leaving your home.

(credit: YuJet)

Go for a thrilling and high-speed ride with YuJet Surfer Electric Jetboard ($9,999), a fully electric, carbon fiber and jet-powered surfboard. Made with full carbon fiber construction throughout, users can hit a top speed of 24mph and allows users to surf anywhere anytime without the need for waves. Powered by a 36mAh lithium-ion battery, it has up to a 40-minute ride time (16-mile range) and is perfect for any level of surfer as most people can learn to stand up in just five minutes. Paired with its wireless remote controller, users can adjust and fine-tune their speed using the variable speed trigger allowing for a thrilling ride on the water. Weighing just 20lbs with the battery removed, the board is easy to transport and is able to purchase with a 2 weeks shipping time.

(credit: Phat Scooters)

Roll around in style with Phat Scooters (starting at $3,500)and their recently debuted Sidecar ($2,000), each is sold separately. Since breaking into the electric scooter market in 2017, Phat Scooters has been a trailblazer in the industry offering variety of customizable products. From its signature Phatty model, a Sport model, PHLEX model, a commercial HD, Golf scooter, as well as a food delivery scooter, they truly offer a vehicle for any individual’s needs. Keep your wingman, or wing woman, by your side with this attention-grabbing ride which features independent suspension for a smooth ride. Fit with a seatbelt for safety, it is compatible with the 2000w Phat Scooters HD Scooter (2020 model) and can be customized.

(credit: Tonal)

While gyms are closed across the country, Tonal ($2,995) allows you the convenience of bringing an entire gym into any room of your home. The compact full-body strength training system replaces traditional weight machines with its proprietary digital weight system, which can generate 200 pounds of resistance and replicate every machine in the weight room with a fraction of the equipment. Sleek enough to even be in your living room and functional enough to exercise your full body, Tonal allows users to choose from multi-week programs, one-off workouts, Custom Workouts or Free Lift mode and even customize workouts based on your strength and goals. Thanks to its industry leading A.I. technology and 17 sensors, it can measure the quality of every rep and dynamically adjusts resistance for each exercise in real-time based on your body while also providing form feedback.

(credit: Strand Boards®)

Bring the beach vibes to your home wherever you are with Strand Boards® (starting at $2,599) outdoor showers. As the sole surfboard shower with plumbing integrated inside the board (patent pending), the surfboard showers are incredibly easy to install with or without a plumber. Made from hand-painted, hand-carved actual surfboards in Los Angeles, the company produces high-quality one-of-a-kind custom pieces with each board being a functional piece of artwork. Marrying design and function, the boards are currently found in high-end resorts around the world, as well as in homes. The small woman-owned company is dedicated to ocean health and sustainability and donate to Heal the Bay.

(credit: FlightScope)

Perfect your drive, chipping and hone in your club selection with FlightScope’s Mevo+ ($1,999). This 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor, which can be used both outdoors and indoors, will take your game to the next level all while tracking unique data points including: carry distance, ball and club speed, spin rate, smash factor, vertical launch angle, apex height and flight time. This one-of-a-kind simulator can be paired with the Mevo app which can automatically record, clip and save each video with data overlay, allowing players to review each session and analyze progress over time. With an internal camera for easy target alignment, new with Mevo+ includes five simulated golf courses, 17 practice ranges, a darts mini game and even the ability to have online events with others.

(credit: Brava)

With more and more people cooking at home during the pandemic and looking for quick and easy solutions to speed up prep and cooking time, Brava (Starter Set $1,095, Bake & Breakfast $1,295 and Chef’s Choice $1,495) saves time and makes cooking restaurant-quality meals as simple as the push of a button. Stress-free cooking seems unbelievable, but this easy to use smart device will quickly become your go-to for consistently great tasting food. With eight cooking functions, including sear, air fry, toast, and more, plus multi-zone cooking, Brava gives time back since it cooks two times as fast as a traditional oven. Not only is there no preheating, thanks to the Brava app you can monitor temperature and cooking from your smartphone - no more hovering over the stove! With 1000+ delicious chef-tested recipes, eat better and save time with each easy to follow recipe, or create your own custom cook. With Brava, you can be confident that your meal will come out perfectly every time.

(credit: Slinger Bag)

Made to launch anywhere you play, Slinger Bag (starting at $550) is the first true portable tennis ball launcher. Easy to set up on any court, in a backyard, a driveway or any open space, the Slinger Bah weighs only 33 lbs. and allows tennis players of any level to fine tune their strokes with less than a minute notice anytime day or night. Slinger Bag travels just like carry-on luggage and easily fits into a car trunk and last for five full hours. No need for a teammate or even a court, the multi-faceted partner can easily adjust launch speed and frequency on the fly. Serving more than 140 balls per session, users can control the launch speed and the launch frequency of the balls using two customizable dials. The functional tennis bag with storage to transport 72 tennis balls, can also hold your wallet, keys, towel, water bottle and even charge your cell phone.

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