Varla Pegasus Review: This Stylish City Scooter Offers A Peppy Ride

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We all know how important it is for our everyday health to get in our recommended daily allotment of steps, but there are some days when you just need to take it a bit further. While we all may want to walk 10 miles a day (the road to heaven is paved with good intentions after all), in reality, most of us just don’t have the time to do it. Thankfully, that’s when the Varla Pegasus electric scooter comes to the rescue.

If you are anything like us and constantly on the go and forever pressed for time, this all-wheel drive, dual-motor scooter will help get you to your destination quickly and most importantly, safely. The stylish ride was designed to reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour to get you where you want to go in record time. With the high cost of gas these days, it will even save you a little extra money in transportation along the way.

Offered at a reasonable price point (available now for $1,299), this top performer might be our favorite scooter yet as it provides higher than average speeds with its dual 500W hub motor on the airless, super wide tires that provide a peak output of 1600W. While most touring models on the market are designed with either a low speed maximum for city cruising, others can feature too much power which can certainly provide an unforgettable thrill ride – until it sends you flying into the air and you get seriously hurt. While this model is nearly double the speed of most standard scooters on the market, it is definitely not too powerful that you ever feel unsafe hitting motorcycle-like speeds.

Courtesy of Varla Scooter

When the scooter arrives, all of the hard work has already been done for you in terms of assembling. The colorful teal, silver and black model arrives pre-assembled, so the only thing you have to do is simply set the handlebars in place and charge it up before taking it out on your first test spin. Get ready for some fun!

Here’s a quick glance at some of the high-performance scooter’s specifications:

·         Motor: Dual 500W hub motor

·         Battery: 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery

·         Top Speed: 28 mph

·         Suspension: Dual spring suspension

·         Lights: Headlight and taillight

·         Brakes: Dual mechanical disc brakes

·         Climbing Angle: 25 degrees

·         Tires: 8” Solid rubber tires

·         Weight (including battery): 66 lbs

·         Charge Time: 7-8 hours

·         Load capacity: Maximum 280 lbs

Courtesy of Varla Scooter

What makes this e-scooter so unique is it offers a super power output allowing it to climb up a 25-degree slope effortlessly. Even better, the dual disc brakes are designed for high-end braking performance, meaning you can stop quickly if you have to, but the scooter will allow you to do so smoothly and safely so you don’t ever have to worry about falling off. When it comes to steering, we found the handlebar very easy to manipulate while maneuvering along busy city streets.

As we were testing the Pegasus, we were impressed with the dual shock absorption. Instead of feeling every bump you hit like many electric rides, the peppy scooter seems to glide effortlessly even across uneven terrain, absorbing that discomfort that can often be encountered to offer the smoothest ride possible. Speaking of rough terrain, the puncture-proof rubber tires were designed for specifically grooved surfaces and are resistant to abrasion. Not only are the solid tires durable (you’ll never have to deal with a flat tire again) but they are also designed to be lightweight as well.

The entire scooter weighs 66 pounds, which isn’t too bad if you don’t have to lift it that often. If you are looking to take the scooter with you on weekend getaways, it is a bit heavy so you wouldn’t want to have to carry it for too long. The Varla Pegasus is definitely not as portable or lightweight as some others on the market, but the midlevel model does offer one of the most comfortable and easily manageable rides, especially if you are a newbie to riding an e-scooter. After you are finished using it, the foldable design makes it easy to store and a lock clamp ensures it stays folded.

Courtesy of Varla Scooter

There are three power speeds available on this sturdy model - think of it simply as low, medium and high - that you can keep an eye on from the easy-to-read large LCD screen. Just remember, the slower you go, the longer the battery life. For those who don’t wish to conserve the battery, you can kick it up to medium speed which we found to be right about our sweet spot/comfort zone for standard cruising. For many scooters, when reaching speeds over 20 mph, the handlebar can get very shaky, making you feel a fall is imminent. Thankfully, the Varla Pegasus provides a stable ride that allows you to feel confident when the speedometer rises.

If you like reaching high speeds as much as we do, be sure the scooter is fully charged before your inner daredevil hits the road at full power. In order to reach the maximum 28 mph speed, we found it to be possible when the scooter is at or near the maximum battery charge. As the battery begins to drain, you can still reach speeds up to around 25 mph which is still a fun speed and still allows you to feel in total control without being overly aggressive. (For speed demons, be sure to check Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains Electric Scooter that can reach speeds up to 45 mph).

Keep in mind when planning on taking the scooter out for a continuous top-speed ride, the battery life will typically give you about 21 miles per charge. We found on the lowest speed, the battery life provided the stated 28 miles. When alternating between varying speeds, you can go about 25 miles on a full charge. (Be sure to take extra precautions if you have to use the scooter during inclement weather, which is obviously not recommended).

Courtesy of Varla Scooter

We rode the city commuter electric scooter all around Boston taking in beautiful fall views from the Seaport area to Beacon Hill. Believe us, it’s so fun to cruise around on that you will always be spotted around town with a smile on your face on this new ride.

It’s always important to wear protective gear to ensure safety first when riding on an electric scooter. We recommend protective clothing, sneakers or closed-toe shoes, gloves and a helmet. While taking the scooter out at dusk and on night rides, we felt confident riding it with its dual LED lights located on both the headlight and taillight (when the brake level is pulled).

Varla has certainly taken the Pegasus design to a new level. The well-built model features a 6.7-inch wide deck that offers enough room for you to stand comfortably with your feet side by side. With the throttle conveniently located at your thumb, you can quickly and easily control your rate of speed.

Whether you are looking for a fun electric scooter for city cruising or just want a fun one to take along with you on your next vacation, this off-pavement scooter makes it ideal for enjoying all sorts of terrains. If you have been in the market for a solid electric scooter that offers a safe ride with a bit of a thrill, be sure to check out the Varla Pegasus. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

For more information, visit Varla Scooter. (Note: There is a $250 coupon code available for Black Friday Deals on the website now, so the price is just $1,049 after the discount).

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