Best At-Home Workout Machines

What if there was a way to guarantee a high-intensity, full-body workout with minimal risk of injury in as little as 25 minutes?

Enter the Los Angeles-based company, Lagree Fitness. Lagree Fitness and “The Lagree Method”, created and developed by legendary fitness professional Sebastien Lagree, is the only fully inclusive workout method that enables users to get intense and effective workouts while drastically reducing the risk of injuries.

“The Lagree Method,” incorporates elements of bodybuilding, cardio, muscular endurance, muscular strengthening, balance, and flexibility training. The result is an astonishing high-intensity, a low-impact exercise routine that tightens, strengthens, and tones in as few as 25 minutes a session. Many of these movements use 600 muscles at once, making this method even more time-efficient for those on the go and those looking for quick but lasting results.

The lynchpin of the Lagree Method is the company’s specialized, patented machines that allow users to perform and seamlessly transition from one exercise to another. Lagree’s products include:

Microformer – Designed for home use for men and women at any age and fitness level (as well as in a small class studio), the Microformer is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it an ideal option for those that do not have a large amount of space for exercising.

Mini-Pro – Made for home use or commercial use, the Mini Pro provides users with more exercise versatility. This model is a great option for studios that are looking to upgrade their machines without the price tag of a Megaformer. Megaformer classes can also be taught on the Mini-Pro.

Mini – As the brand’s first commercial-grade piece of equipment, the Mini can be used in the studio, or at home. While this piece of equipment is larger than the Micro, the Mini provides more versatility.

Lagree On-Demand – Lagree offers users access to hundreds of Lagree classes including live events and workouts taught by Official Lagree Trainers.

The Lagree Shop also offers users a wide range of bundle options, accessories, and apparel at various price points.

Whether you are trying to get back into shape, looking to take your current exercise routine to the next level, or are already a seasoned fitness professional; The Lagree Method, its workout variations, and state-of-the-art equipment can help you blast through your fitness goals.

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